Friday, May 30, 2014

Just a Visit

Saige: "Hey, Lula! Where's Lissy?"

Lula: "She's getting a spa treatment today. You should go visit her. It'll be fun!"

Saige: "OH MY GOSH!!! Lissy! Are you ok?"

Lissy: "What? Is that you Siage? I'm fine, just had my hair washed. 
I feel so lite! It's amazing!"

Siage: "Where's your body?!"

Lissy: "One of my legs needed restringing. My body is behind you,
but you might not want to turn around."

Saige: AHHHH!!!

Lissy: "Told you not to look."

Saige: "Is this a bag of your stuffing!?"

Lissy: "Yeah. They're going to pull it all apart to refluff it
then stuff it all back into my body once my leg is fixed.
Siage? Saige? You still there?"

Saige: Blah!!!

Siage: "Go and visit, she said. It'll be fun, she said.
I'm so going to get you for this, Lula!!"

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