Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome Josie!

The dolls were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new guest, Josefina...

 Kirsten: "Didn't the big person say Josefina would be coming today?"

Samantha: "I think she prefers to be called Josie."

Vivian: "Yeah, she was supposed to be here by now. I wonder if the big person just hasn't told us."

Saige: "Do you have to lay on us, Viv?"

Vivian: "Yes. you popped off my head, remember?"

Samantha: "It's not like you felt anything. We have no nerves, remember?"

Vivian: "It was still degrading."

 Mini Kit: "Did you hear that Saige? Josie's here!"

Mini Saige: "Vivian's right, the big person's probably trying to surprise us."

Mini Molly: "Let's go!"
 Mini Kit: "After you Saige!"

Mini Saige: "Ok, give me a hand."

 Mini Molly: "Not so loud you two!"

 Mini Kit: "Be quite and give me a hand!"
 Mini Saige: "Almost there, Don't-"

"-drop us."

Mini Molly: "Sorry."

 Mini Saige: "Easy now, Molly, I've got you."
 Mini Saige: "A little further Kit."
Mini Molly: "I think I found her."
Mini Kit: "Wow!"

Mini Saige: "Yep, that's her travel case!"
Mini Molly: "Can you get open Kit?"
Mini Kit: "Yeah, it's not too hard."

 Josie: "AIR!!!"
 Josie: "Just kidding,I could breath fine in there. Hey, give me a hand, would'ya?"

Josie: "You would not believe how cooped up it gets after a few days in a box!"
 Josie: "Anyway, it's nice to meet you all! I'm-"

Mini Kit, Molly and Saige: "JOSIE!!! Oh my gosh! We're so glad you're here!! How was the trip?"

Josie: "Yeah, I'm Josie! Hi!"

 Mini Siage: "It's so good to meet you!! I'm Saige, and this is Kit. That's Molly over there."

Kirsten: "Do you guys hear something?"

Vivian: "Oh my gosh, Kirsten! You are always hearing stuff! No more Supernatural for you, you're getting so paranoid."
 Mini Molly: "The cost is clear guys, let's go!"
Mini Saige: "We're going to see how long it takes the big Dolls to notice you're here!"

 Mini Molly: "Go ahead, Kit, I'll bring up the rear."

Mini Molly: "Great sneaking skills, Josie!"

Mini Siage: "Yeah, you're like a pro!"

Josie: "I've had lots of practice sneaking candy from my Big Big Person."

  Mini Saige: "What's candy?"
Josie: "I see I have much to teach you."

 Mini Molly: "Ok, Josie, you're next."
 Mini Saige: "How long do you think it will take them to notice her?"
Mini Molly: "I give it a week."

 Josie: "You guys seriously haven't ever had candy? Chocolate? Nothing?"
Mini Kit: "Nope."
Josie: "I'll be right back."

 Kirsten: "I know I heard something over there!"

Vivian: "Fine, I'll go have a look."

Vivian: "You three can come with me."

 Vivian: "Hey! Where did that come from?"

Kirsten: "What is it?"

Vivian: "That's Josie's travel case!"

Kirsten: "Why is it open?"
 Vivian: "Josie? Josie?"
Kirsten: "Is she in there?"

 Saige: "This can't be a good sign."
 Kirsten: "You ok, Vivian?"
Vivian: "All that was in there is her journal and some packing bubbles."

Kirsten: "She's got to be around here somewhere!"
 Saige: "Vivian?"
Vivian: "I think I need you're bucket."

Mini Molly: "Dang girl! You're good! You were only gone for like 30 seconds!"

Josie: "What can I say? It's a gift."

Vivian: "What am I going to tell her big person?"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Disclaimer: I know what I'm doing. I've worked with the making of dolls professionally. I don't suggest anyone do this with their dolls if they don't know what they're doing.

Oh, and what follows has some doll surgery, so if you're squeamish about that, you've been warned.

Late one night...

Warning: the following story contains a doll surgery. See this for more warnings.

 ...I was asleep. I mean, it was late! I was tired. And then I heard something.

 I opened my eyes and saw:

Vivian: "What the freak-!"

Vivian: "MMMPH!! Where are you taking me!?"

Doctor Samantha: "Doctors, are you ready?"
 Doctor Saige: "Ready"
Doctor Kirsten: "Ready"

Doctor Samantha: "Alright, phase one. Everyone grab a neck string."

Doctor Samantha: "Careful now..."
Doctor Samantha: "Phase two."

Doctor Samantha: "Ok, that went good. Should we call it a night?"
Doctor Kirsten: "Doctor?"
Doctor Samantha: "I'm kidding. Get ready for phase three."
 Doctor Samantha: "Ok, Doctors, start removing the stuffing?"

Doctor Samantha: "You ok, Doctor Saige? You're looking a little green."
Doctor Saige: "Where's that bucket?"
 Doctor Saige: "blah!"

Doctor Samantha: "Why don't you sit out the rest of the surgery, Doctor Saige."
 Doctor Saige: "D--ok."

Doctor Kirsten: "Which do you prefer, black or yellow?"
Vivian: "Oh, you know me, I love yellow. Oh and PUT MY HEAD BACK ON!"
Doctor Samantha: "Not until we're done. Doctor Kirsten, get the pliers."
Doctor Samantha: "Ready for phase five?"
Doctor Kirsten: "I thought we were on phase four."
Doctor Samantha: "Whatever."

 Doctor Samantha: "Alright, that ought to do it. Let's get the stuffing back in."
 Doctor Kirsten: "So is this phase five then?"
Doctor Samantha: "Shut up and keep stuffing."

Doctor Saige: "Stop saying stuffing-blah-"

Doctor Samantha: "Alright, Doctor Kirsten, sit her up."

Vivian: "Just a question. Why did you have to kidnap me while I was sleeping?"
Doctor Samantha: "We had to wait until you were asleep because we don't have anesthesia."
Vivian: "We're dolls. We don't feel pain. We don't need anesthesia."
Doctor Samantha: "Oh. Oh well."

 Doctor Samantha: "Gently now..."
 Doctor Kirsten: "Her arm looks great Doctor. Looks like the surgery was a success!"
Doctor Samantha: "Yep! Let's help her stand up."

Doctor Saige: "Oh dear heavens!! What have you done!"
 Doctor Saige: "Blah!"

Vivian: "Y'all suck. And I'm not hiring
you to do my next piercing."
The End

      Or maybe I should call this a prolog, because it's to explain why this all came about. When Vivian came her arm was a little loose. It started to bug all of us. So, I did a little youtubing and found out how to restring my doll. I also found out this handy hair tie tip for a short term fix. Anyway, Kirsten's legs are next. But I don't know if Samantha's going to be the head surgeon for that one. Good night!


Doctor Kirsten

"Glad the patient survived!"
Doctor Samantha
"No, I'm not a real Doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
Not really. But I've seen a lot of Doctor Who."

Doctor Saige

"I'm good!"
No dolls were harmed in the making of this blog.