Monday, January 6, 2014

Late one night...

Warning: the following story contains a doll surgery. See this for more warnings.

 ...I was asleep. I mean, it was late! I was tired. And then I heard something.

 I opened my eyes and saw:

Vivian: "What the freak-!"

Vivian: "MMMPH!! Where are you taking me!?"

Doctor Samantha: "Doctors, are you ready?"
 Doctor Saige: "Ready"
Doctor Kirsten: "Ready"

Doctor Samantha: "Alright, phase one. Everyone grab a neck string."

Doctor Samantha: "Careful now..."
Doctor Samantha: "Phase two."

Doctor Samantha: "Ok, that went good. Should we call it a night?"
Doctor Kirsten: "Doctor?"
Doctor Samantha: "I'm kidding. Get ready for phase three."
 Doctor Samantha: "Ok, Doctors, start removing the stuffing?"

Doctor Samantha: "You ok, Doctor Saige? You're looking a little green."
Doctor Saige: "Where's that bucket?"
 Doctor Saige: "blah!"

Doctor Samantha: "Why don't you sit out the rest of the surgery, Doctor Saige."
 Doctor Saige: "D--ok."

Doctor Kirsten: "Which do you prefer, black or yellow?"
Vivian: "Oh, you know me, I love yellow. Oh and PUT MY HEAD BACK ON!"
Doctor Samantha: "Not until we're done. Doctor Kirsten, get the pliers."
Doctor Samantha: "Ready for phase five?"
Doctor Kirsten: "I thought we were on phase four."
Doctor Samantha: "Whatever."

 Doctor Samantha: "Alright, that ought to do it. Let's get the stuffing back in."
 Doctor Kirsten: "So is this phase five then?"
Doctor Samantha: "Shut up and keep stuffing."

Doctor Saige: "Stop saying stuffing-blah-"

Doctor Samantha: "Alright, Doctor Kirsten, sit her up."

Vivian: "Just a question. Why did you have to kidnap me while I was sleeping?"
Doctor Samantha: "We had to wait until you were asleep because we don't have anesthesia."
Vivian: "We're dolls. We don't feel pain. We don't need anesthesia."
Doctor Samantha: "Oh. Oh well."

 Doctor Samantha: "Gently now..."
 Doctor Kirsten: "Her arm looks great Doctor. Looks like the surgery was a success!"
Doctor Samantha: "Yep! Let's help her stand up."

Doctor Saige: "Oh dear heavens!! What have you done!"
 Doctor Saige: "Blah!"

Vivian: "Y'all suck. And I'm not hiring
you to do my next piercing."
The End

      Or maybe I should call this a prolog, because it's to explain why this all came about. When Vivian came her arm was a little loose. It started to bug all of us. So, I did a little youtubing and found out how to restring my doll. I also found out this handy hair tie tip for a short term fix. Anyway, Kirsten's legs are next. But I don't know if Samantha's going to be the head surgeon for that one. Good night!


Doctor Kirsten

"Glad the patient survived!"
Doctor Samantha
"No, I'm not a real Doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
Not really. But I've seen a lot of Doctor Who."

Doctor Saige

"I'm good!"
No dolls were harmed in the making of this blog.

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  1. that was funny!
    Samantha where did you go to medical school?