Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome Josie!

The dolls were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new guest, Josefina...

 Kirsten: "Didn't the big person say Josefina would be coming today?"

Samantha: "I think she prefers to be called Josie."

Vivian: "Yeah, she was supposed to be here by now. I wonder if the big person just hasn't told us."

Saige: "Do you have to lay on us, Viv?"

Vivian: "Yes. you popped off my head, remember?"

Samantha: "It's not like you felt anything. We have no nerves, remember?"

Vivian: "It was still degrading."

 Mini Kit: "Did you hear that Saige? Josie's here!"

Mini Saige: "Vivian's right, the big person's probably trying to surprise us."

Mini Molly: "Let's go!"
 Mini Kit: "After you Saige!"

Mini Saige: "Ok, give me a hand."

 Mini Molly: "Not so loud you two!"

 Mini Kit: "Be quite and give me a hand!"
 Mini Saige: "Almost there, Don't-"

"-drop us."

Mini Molly: "Sorry."

 Mini Saige: "Easy now, Molly, I've got you."
 Mini Saige: "A little further Kit."
Mini Molly: "I think I found her."
Mini Kit: "Wow!"

Mini Saige: "Yep, that's her travel case!"
Mini Molly: "Can you get open Kit?"
Mini Kit: "Yeah, it's not too hard."

 Josie: "AIR!!!"
 Josie: "Just kidding,I could breath fine in there. Hey, give me a hand, would'ya?"

Josie: "You would not believe how cooped up it gets after a few days in a box!"
 Josie: "Anyway, it's nice to meet you all! I'm-"

Mini Kit, Molly and Saige: "JOSIE!!! Oh my gosh! We're so glad you're here!! How was the trip?"

Josie: "Yeah, I'm Josie! Hi!"

 Mini Siage: "It's so good to meet you!! I'm Saige, and this is Kit. That's Molly over there."

Kirsten: "Do you guys hear something?"

Vivian: "Oh my gosh, Kirsten! You are always hearing stuff! No more Supernatural for you, you're getting so paranoid."
 Mini Molly: "The cost is clear guys, let's go!"
Mini Saige: "We're going to see how long it takes the big Dolls to notice you're here!"

 Mini Molly: "Go ahead, Kit, I'll bring up the rear."

Mini Molly: "Great sneaking skills, Josie!"

Mini Siage: "Yeah, you're like a pro!"

Josie: "I've had lots of practice sneaking candy from my Big Big Person."

  Mini Saige: "What's candy?"
Josie: "I see I have much to teach you."

 Mini Molly: "Ok, Josie, you're next."
 Mini Saige: "How long do you think it will take them to notice her?"
Mini Molly: "I give it a week."

 Josie: "You guys seriously haven't ever had candy? Chocolate? Nothing?"
Mini Kit: "Nope."
Josie: "I'll be right back."

 Kirsten: "I know I heard something over there!"

Vivian: "Fine, I'll go have a look."

Vivian: "You three can come with me."

 Vivian: "Hey! Where did that come from?"

Kirsten: "What is it?"

Vivian: "That's Josie's travel case!"

Kirsten: "Why is it open?"
 Vivian: "Josie? Josie?"
Kirsten: "Is she in there?"

 Saige: "This can't be a good sign."
 Kirsten: "You ok, Vivian?"
Vivian: "All that was in there is her journal and some packing bubbles."

Kirsten: "She's got to be around here somewhere!"
 Saige: "Vivian?"
Vivian: "I think I need you're bucket."

Mini Molly: "Dang girl! You're good! You were only gone for like 30 seconds!"

Josie: "What can I say? It's a gift."

Vivian: "What am I going to tell her big person?"

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