Monday, April 28, 2014

Snow Day!!!

Vivian: Oh my gosh! It snowed last night!!

Vivian: Get out the snowboard gear!

Saige: Which one of us gets to go snow boarding?

Vivian: I do! I've been dying to get pictures with the snowboard!

Vivian: Besides, we'll all get a turn eventually.

Samantha: Sounds good to me. I'd rather stay inside anyway.

Vivian: Who wants to come out with me and watch?

Kirsten: I'll pass.
Saige: I just curled my hair.
Samantha: Take lots of pictures.

Vivian: I'm all ready!

Kisten: Here's your Helmet.

  Vivian: Sure is pretty out here. Well, here goes nothing!

Vivian: I suck at this.

Vivian: Hey, I'm getting the hang of this!

Vivian: Enough of that, I'm going to build a snowman!

Vivian: I suck at this too. And it's cold. I'm going back inside.


Vivian: I had so much fun and got some great shots!

Vivian: This is my favorite shot.
Kirsten: It looks great!
Saige: Yeah! Looking good, Vivian!

Samantha: Wait a minute. How did you get 
these pictures? You were snowboarding!
Vivian: What do you mean?

Kirsten: You're right, Samantha! There's no way to take pictures of yourself like that while boarding!

Vivian: They're selfies.

Saige: Kirsten's right, the angles are all wrong for selfies and you're not even holding your phone.
Vivian: I guess I never thought about how I do it. 
Samantha: I guess it's another one of life's great mysteries.

The end.

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